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5 things great coaches and leaders do
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They don’t hear but listen:

It’s a known forte of any great coach or a leader that they listen very well, and try to come up with better answers and solutions to people’s and athlete’s problems just because they listen better and as a result understand better.

Better Adapters:

Great coaches are just like chameleons. They adapt to any environment any situation seamlessly. They make great timely decisions and find better solutions to problems. They are also masters at adapting to different personalities in their athletes and teams.

Leading By Example:

They do it and prove it before they ask anyone else to do it for them, and hold themselves accountable at all costs. For example if they want everybody to arrive at 9:00am to the tennis court they’ll make sure that they are there before everybody else. A good leader always raises the levels of everybody around them.

They care more:

Have you heard the saying “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” That is exactly my point here. Everybody wants to be loved and cared for. So make your athletes and teams feel special and cared for, and that alone can make you a better person and a coach if you want to be

They keep it simple:

Don’t try and complicate things. When you talk, keep it brief and to the point. Your athletes or clients don’t need to know about the anatomy of a shoulder if you’re explaining an exercise. When it’s kept simple, it’s understood better. When it’s understood better, productivity and results will be higher.