HIT’s Philosophy

The goal at HIT Academy is to bring each student the knowledge and skills that only the leading tennis players in the world possess. Our trainers make this possible with their many years of analytical and practical experience.

Our goal is for all students, regardless of initial level, to NOT only gain the ability to hit the ball, but also to be able to control the power, and direction of each stroke.

We offer a variety of programs based on the students’ initial level and goals. We offer one week sessions to year-round programs.

We teach students to “see” the ball, instead of telling them to “look” at the ball, which often occurs with coaches at other academies.

We teach students to follow through on each shot, rather than just telling them to follow through.

We teach students how to replace their own intuition and approximation with the vision of the real ball in flight, which allows them to become aware of the sounds and emotions as the ball approaches.

We teach students to develop their visual perception, thus enabling them to see the actual ball approaching.

We teach students to change their perception of time and speed and overcome the deceptive nature of vision in order to hit high speed balls.

We teach students to perform and perfect all strokes, including forehand, backhand, serve, etc., leaving no doubt that the student was trained by professionals at a respected institution.

We will teach you to identify your center of gravity and sense of balance in order to achieve the proper form and footwork necessary to successfully navigate the court, with ease and beauty, during play. After our lessons you will always be in stable (balanced) equilibrium, a necessary state for all of the best athletes in the world.You will learn to understand that tennis is a game where only high quality performance of every shot, without exception, will provide a player the opportunity to win.

You will learn the right attitude about winning and about errors, as well as how to concentrate on your game without stress. You will be able to identify your skills without the burden of focusing on your opponent. All of the above skills are necessary not only for those preparing for a professional tennis career, but also for those who are just beginning or those trying to improve their skills.

After a course in our Academy, even those who have played tennis for many years (even 30 years or more) say, “I wish I knew how to play like this when I was 20 years old”.